1. Audit Classification   ‘A’  
2. Total Member   2000  
3. Loan Advance  12 crore  
4. Loan Limit   200000/-  
5. Interest on all loan   16%p.a.  
6. Dividend Paid 2017-18   11%  
7. Recovery   99%  
8. Outside Borrowing   NIL  
9. Computerized and fully A/C Office    
10. SMS alert to members    
11. Members can download forms and print statement online.    

Welfare Scheme

This scheme applies automatically on each person as he/she become member of our society. The key points of this scheme are :
1. Rs. 1,00,000/- is given to nominee of the deceased member.
2. Rs. 1,100/- is given to kanyadaan.
3. Rs. 10,000 is given for diseases-Cancer, Kidney and heart.
4. In our yearly members assembly we give award to excellent students of 12th class who scored 90% or above.
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